Alabama Basketball: 3 NBA team fits for John Petty Jr. in 2020 NBA Draft

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Alabama basketball doesn’t know if John Petty will return to the Tide or stay in the NBA Draft. What are the best team fits for if he stays?

Alabama basketball is not used to having players in the NBA draft, but Nate Oats hopes to change that narrative over his tenure with the Crimson Tide. That begins with his first season, where both Kira Lewis and John Petty are in the 2020 NBA Draft class. Petty still has not made his decision as to whether or not he will come back to college, but let’s look at his draft status.

Petty is a 6’5″ guard/wing combo with a great ability to shoot the ball from behind the arc. Out of Huntsville, Alabama, Petty starred as a freshman with the Crimson Tide thanks to his three-point ability. However, he was wildly inconsistent at first. There was a 30-point discrepancy between his field goal percentage at home vs. his percentage on the road, meaning he was a bit of a liability in hostile environments. That changed over time, and he has now become a star for Alabama basketball. His maturity is evident on the court, and he has also become a successful defender. His size lets him switch screens at the college level, something NBA scouts hope will translate to a small-ball NBA lineup.

He currently seems to be a 2nd-round prospect, although there is always a chance that he goes undrafted. Unless he is given more opportunities to prove himself at a draft combine, his stock will likely stay at where it is now.

So, what are some great NBA fits for John Petty? Let’s look at three.