Alabama Football: SEC football head coaching hot seats and not

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Alabama Football
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The previous page ticked off two of the 14 SEC football head coaches. The next position working down to the hottest seat is thereby, No. 12.

Four guys share the No. 12 slot, three of them new SEC head coaches.

Arkansas Razorbacks – Sam Pittman

The Razorbacks will be content to let Pittman learn how to be a head coach. That will buy him a year or two. One reason he could get a two or three-year pass is his history with the Razorbacks. From 2013-2015, he was the Offensive Line coach and Assistant Head Coach.

Missouri Tigers – Eliah Drinkwitz

Drinkwitz is so little known, SEC beat writers will grapple with the spelling of his name for at least half a season. The Tigers will choose to be patient with their young head coach.

Florida Gators – Dan Mullen

Mullen has done well as the Gators head coach, 21-5 in two seasons. Even though 2020 will be his third as the top Bull-Gator, he is still in a honeymoon period.

Mississippi State Bulldogs – Mike Leach

The Bulldogs will love Leach until they don’t. That will not be in 2020. Leach’s ‘Air Raid’ will make Mullen’s Mississippi State offenses look plodding. Leach’s offenses should outscore enough teams to satisfy the Bulldogs for at least three or four years.