Alabama Football: No NFL preseason hurts these former Tide players

Former Alabama football stars need the NFL preseason.

The NFL preseason always get mixed reviews. Every NFL team approaches it differently. Some players use it as their way of making a roster, but others believe that it is a waste of time. For seasoned veterans like Mark Ingram and Julio Jones, it can be a waste of time. However, some players need the reps. These former Alabama football players fall into that category.

Even if you know that you are not going to make your current NFL team’s roster, the NFL preseason can be a great chance to make a name for yourself among the entire league. Even if you don’t have a great performance, you can at least put some quality film out for the other teams. Due to the NFL preseason being canceled, hundreds of potential NFL players are losing out on this opportunity. It will hurt these former Tide players the most.

These Alabama football players need an NFL preseason.

Saivion Smith, DB, Dallas Cowboys

Saivion Smith recently signed with the Dallas Cowboys after playing in the XFL. He has yet to play in an NFL game, so this was going to be his chance to prove his value for the Cowboys. They might still want to keep him due to his college tape and XFL experience, but his opportunities will be severely cut without an NFL preseason.

Shyheim Carter, DB, New York Jets

Shy Carter went undrafted, but he was picked up quickly by the New York Jets. As a rookie, it was already important for Carter to prove himself in the preseason. However, this puts his spot on the line in training camp. I still like his odds to make an NFL roster because he’s playing for a bad team, he’s young, and his contract is cheap. He’s also not going to cause any problems. However, this will hurt his chances of getting playing time early in the season.

Chance Warmack, OG, Seattle Seahawks

Chance Warmack was not on an NFL roster last year, but the Seahawks are giving him a second chance. The preseason would have been a great chance for Warmack to prove his athleticism after a year away from the game. Instead, he will have to rely on training camp. The good news is that Warmack has NFL experience. It’s just not recent.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins

I’ve discussed how a shortened season would hurt Tua in the past. Obviously, no season hurts even more. It will now be very hard for him to get NFL reps before he becomes the starter. The NFL preseason is vital for rookie quarterbacks, so this clearly hurts. Like many Alabama football players, Tua can overcome this.

There are plenty of other Alabama football stars who will miss out on the preseason. These four names come to mind, but you could add almost any rookie player or fringe roster guy to this list.