Alabama Football: Nick Saban claps back at Lane Kiffin

Bama Saban And Kiffin 2016
Bama Saban And Kiffin 2016 /

Alabama football fans got a glimpse of Nick Saban’s savage side.

Nick Saban will face yet another former assistant coach this weekend in Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels. Kiffin was Alabama football’s offensive coordinator for multiple years, and he will be looking to be the first student to beat the master.

In preparation for this week, Kiffin has taken jabs at his former boss on multiple fronts. The most recent instance of this happened on the Dan Patrick Show. Lane joked about beating Nick Saban in coverage if they were to play football, but also added a jab about Nick Saban being elderly. Coach Saban will turn 69 this Halloween.

Nick Saban had his chance to respond, and he went with the bit. Before admitting that his hip replacement would not help him in coverage, he asked what Kiffin will look like at Saban’s age.

Saban also added that he still prides himself on his ability to cover, which adds to the fun. This will be one of many instances where Nick Saban has to respond to jabs from his former offensive coordinator. Since his departure, Kiffin has been somewhat of a troll regarding his former employer. He jukes about Nick Saban and Alabama football any chance he can, and he will get plenty of chances to do so as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels.

This will be part of the new normal for the SEC. Between Kiffin and Mike Leach coaching in the state of Mississippi, expect plenty of jabs and sound bytes during interviews. All Alabama football can do is focus on the task at hand, which is defeating the Rebels this weekend.

Alabama can expect chaos from Kiffin in the upcoming game. In Ole Miss’ previous wins against Alabama, they relied heavily on chaos and unpredictability. Kiffin will try to corral that strategy, but he will still throw everything at Nick Saban. It might not matter how well Nick Saban can cover, but he will have to prepare his secondary to cover this dynamic offensive attack. Alabama has a young secondary, and they will need to step up in this one.

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All in all, Nick Saban has handled Lane Kiffin’s jabs well. He can professionally handle anything that Kiffin wants to do, and Alabama football will be ready to back up whatever Saban has to say.