Alabama Basketball: 3 reasons Kira Lewis will succeed in New Orleans

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Reasons why Alabama basketball’s Kira Lewis will thrive with the Pelicans

2. Lewis will dominate alongside Zion Williamson

I honestly can’t think of a better pairing than Kira Lewis and Zion Williamson. While they are vastly different players, they complement each other incredibly well. Zion uses strength to get to the basket, but he loves to make highlight plays in transition. He is simply too powerful once he gets a full head of steam.

That works perfectly with what Kira Lewis wants to do with the ball. He will push in transition and look to make the right play. He threw plenty of alley-oops to Alabama basketball players, but Tuscaloosa hasn’t seen anyone nearly as good as Zion Williamson.

This new tandem will use speed to destroy opponents in transition. The New Orleans Pelicans instantly become one of the best transition teams in the NBA with the addition of Kira Lewis.

What’s truly scary is that it’s not just Kira and Zion. Lonzo Ball will also love to push the ball in transition. That makes it nearly impossible for opposing teams to keep up. If Kira Lewis has his way with the NBA, he will run opposing teams out of the gym.

As Kira develops as a defender and shooter, he will still impact the game in transition.