Alabama Basketball: 3 reasons Kira Lewis will succeed in New Orleans

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Reasons why Alabama basketball’s Kira Lewis will thrive with the Pelicans

1. Kira Lewis is still incredibly young

This is the key to Kira Lewis’s NBA draft stock. He has two years of college ball under his belt, but he is still incredibly young. That means that he still has room to grow mentally and physically.

When Kira Lewis played his first season of Alabama basketball, he was literally a child. He is now barely 19. The fact that he is so good already speaks to his coaching, but everyone knows that he also has a huge ceiling.

Lewis still needs to gain some size if he wants to withstand the trials and tribulations of an NBA season. However, he is expected to do so as he grows up. Basically, the Pelicans can morph Lewis into whatever player they want him to be.

Other sophomores consider age to be a weakness. Lewis’s age is a strength. That is part of the reason why the Pelicans drafted him over their other options.

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If everything goes the way the Pelicans expect it to, Lewis will be a part of their young core for years to come. They are building around Zion Williamson, and Kira Lewis is a key building block. No matter what they do in free agency, they are set to be one of the more exciting teams for the foreseeable future.