Alabama Football: There is no 24-hour rule for Crimson Tide fans

Mandatory Credit: Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama Football: It is okay to continue celebrating the Auburn beatdown, especially with LSU offering no threat on Saturday.

What an unusual year it has been for Alabama football. A thrashing of the Auburn Tigers is followed by a game week for the Bengal Tigers. Crimson Tide fans want to be considered part of the team, and we do have a role. But, we are not bound by Nick Saban’s 24-hour rule.

Reading through tweets and message board posts Sunday, one observation stood out. It was that Alabama football fans have such an expectation of winning, we cut short the joy of winning. There is always a new challenge for the Crimson Tide of playing up to its standard, no matter the opponent.

The 29-point Iron Bowl win could have easily been a 40-plus points gap between the teams. If Auburn had won by any margin, Tigers’ fans would celebrate for a year. With a few exception seasons, the Auburn Tigers have a football program that measures itself by beating its most hated and most feared rival.

Alabama football fans don’t relish Iron Bowl wins so much as we expect them. Of course, that is the case, with a Crimson Tide football program that expects to contend for a National Championship every season. None of that annual Championship confidence would be diminished by smelling more of the crimson roses along the way.

Gus Malzahn earned the attention of the college football world for a few seasons. He has turned out to be glitter that was not gold. Alabama football fans hope Gus is Auburn’s coach, for life.

Speaking of coaches for life, Ed Orgeron was thought to have reached that status at LSU. LSU was clearly a deserving National Champion last season. Coach O was not a respected head coach before he took over in Baton Rouge. This season he looks more like his former self than an elite head coach. Most Alabama football fans would be pleased for LSU to give Orgeron a lifetime, head coaching gig.

At the moment, LSU has a shortage of optimistic fans. On Saturday, the setting sun will bring gloom, rather than anticipation to LSU. LSU has not improved, as a few stalwart fans claim, using last Saturday’s performance in College Station as proof. Starting freshman quarterback, T.J. Finley was a miserable 9-of-25, with two interceptions. The LSU rushing attack was worse, netting 36 yards on 25 carries. LSU fans want to believe Bo Pelini’s defense turned a corner against the Aggies. They ignore the fact Kellen Mond’s lack of passing accuracy handicapped the Aggies’ offense. Mond was 11-of-34 with a Quarterback Rating of 15.9.

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Alabama football fans, let’s relish the Iron Bowl victory. Keep doing it after Saturday, when we have another victory, over another rival, to celebrate.