Alabama Football: 5 keys for Tide to dominate vs. Arkansas

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Keys for Alabama football to dominate vs. Arkansas

4. Have a turnover margin of +2

Alabama football is great at forcing turnovers. They need to further their turnover margin against Arkansas if they want to truly dominate.

The Razorbacks can make mistakes on offense, and the Tide can take advantage of those. It would be good enough to force the Razorbacks to punt frequently, but that won’t be enough for the Tide to dominate.

In today’s era of explosive offenses, it is fine for defenses to bend. However, they can’t break. Forcing turnovers is a great way of avoiding the break from happening. Alabama is good enough to win easily with bad field position, but flipping the field with turnovers can completely destroy a team’s spirits.

However, this is a double-edged sword. Alabama needs to avoid their own turnovers. Thankfully, the Crimson Tide are great at protecting the football. Najee Harris only has one turnover during his college football career, and Mac Jones only has a small handful of interceptions. That won’t be an issue against the Arkansas defense.

Look for players like Malachi Moore and Jordan Battle to force turnovers against Arkansas. The defensive line might force a fumble, and the Tide can take a step towards dominating this game.