Alabama Football: Report card for win vs. Arkansas

Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports /
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102420 Ut Bama Gameaction /

Alabama football’s report card vs. Arkansas

Inside Linebackers: A-

This unit has been deep all season, but an injury on the first play of the game really hurts. Christian Harris went down with a shoulder injury and was ruled out for the game quickly. With him out, players like Joshua McMillon and Moody needed to step up.

Moody played well at inside linebacker. He seemed to always be near the football. Of course, Dylan Moses also played well. He has improved over the course of the season, and his leadership cannot be understated.

If Harris is unavailable vs. Florida, Moody will have big shoes to fill. That being said, fans should at least be optimistic after seeing how this game went down.

Outside Linebackers: A

Will Anderson has an early flag, but he also made some nice plays early in this game. He has always been solid, but the stats have been trending upward since the Iron Bowl. This is another game just like that. His sack to force a fourth down at the end of the first quarter was excellent, and he just keeps improving.

While we have been singing the praises of Anderson, Chris Allen has also been a monster in recent games. His strip-sack was the first turnover forced by the defense in this game. The edge rushers have stepped up, and the Tide will need them against the Florida Gators.