Alabama Football: Looking back at our 2020 predictions

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How did we do for our predictions regarding the Alabama football season?

This has been one of Alabama football’s most successful seasons yet. From having two Heisman finalists to shattering records on both sides of the ball, the team has thrived. Alabama is the first team to win 11 SEC games in one year, and they still have room to grow.

We made plenty of predictions regarding the Crimson Tide and the SEC. While we were optimistic, not even we predicted this type of success for the Alabama offense. Let’s go back and look at some of our predictions and see how we did.

Predicting Najee Harris’s stats

Before the season began, I predicted what Najee Harris’s stat line would look like for the 2020 season. Here was my guess.

215 rushes, 1376 yards, 16 touchdowns, 20 receptions, 200 receiving yards, 5 receiving touchdowns

That’s actually not too far off. Najee currently has 214 rushes for 1262 yards and 32 catches for 316 yards. I predicted for him to have 1576 yards combined, and he has 1578. The one place where my prediction was lacking was in the touchdown category. I had him scoring 21 touchdowns, and he currently has 27. I expected more from Brian Robinson and Trey Sanders in the red zone, but Najee has remained the workhorse that we knew he could be.

At the end of this article, I added that these statistics would not be quite enough to earn Najee the Heisman. I ended up being right on this part, as Harris ended up fifth in the voting. I also correctly predicted that he would help carry Alabama football to the College Football Playoff, which was far from a bold prediction.