Alabama Football: Looking back at our 2020 predictions

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Looking back at our Alabama football predictions

3 bold predictions for the Tide defense

After making bold predictions on offense, we followed with some predictions on defense. These were a lot tougher to make, but we felt solid at the time. Over time, two of these will likely be true. One is a subjective argument, but I believe that it is false.

A freshman will lead the team in sacks

Before the season was here, people were already crowing Will Anderson as the best player in Alabama football history. His stock was absurdly high before his first snap. While this was an unfair amount of pressure, he has lived up to the hype. It took him a while, but Anderson has exploded since the Iron Bowl. he now leads the team in sacks, and it seems like nothing can stop him. While players like Chris Allen and Christian Barmore have also improved, he has been the best pass-rusher on the team.

Patrick Surtain will win the Thorpe Award

This was a gamble, and it still might not pay off. The Thorpe Award selection committee has a history of not picking the best option. Last season, they gave the award to Grant Delpit. Delpit wasn’t even the best defensive back on his own team.

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However, there is no doubt that Patrick Surtain deserves this award. We’ll see if they follow suit.

The front 7 would be the Tide’s best since 2016

This is subjective, and you could certainly argue that it has improved. Between the improvements from Barmore and Justin Eboigbe and the return of Dylan Moses, the group as a whole has seen progress. However, I would still rate 2017 ahead of this group. I might also rate 2018 ahead of them as well.