Alabama Football: Megan Rapinoe gives Najee Harris a shoutout

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Alabama football’s Najee Harris got a shoutout from Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is the greatest women’s soccer player of our generation. She has led the Women’s National Team to two gold medals in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and she also has an Olympic gold medal to her name. As the national team’s captain, many consider her the face of women’s soccer. After some recent comments, it appears that she will be cheering for Alabama football in the Rose Bowl.

Specifically, she will be cheering on Najee Harris. Harris has copied her iconic celebration on multiple occasions, and he spoke about how she has inspired him in a recent press conference. He detailed her role in the social justice movement and how she fights for gender equality.

Najee Harris added how scary it must be for her to do these things as a woman “in what they would say is a man’s world.” He said that she was motivational and inspirational, adding that he looks up to her.

Word must have gotten to Megan Rapinoe because she responded on Twitter to a clip of Harris’s comments.

Rapinoe asked Najee Harris to hurdle someone just for her, which he easily could. Harris has improved over the course of his Alabama football career, but he has saved his best for his senior year. He finished fifth in the Heisman voting after scoring 5 touchdowns in the SEC Championship.

If Rapinoe is hitching herself to the Najee Harris bandwagon, she picked a good one. Harris has overcome homelessness and abuse to make it to Tuscaloosa, and he will be a star in the NFL by this time next year.

Najee Harris is a true ambassador for Alabama football, and he is as good of a representative as fans could ask for. This interaction shows his maturity and ability to represent the Crimson Tide well both on and off the field.

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If you see Najee Harris hurdle a man on his way to the end zone in the Rose Bowl, expect him to pull this pose. Rapinoe will know it’s for her.