Alabama Football: Bryce Young nearly a millionaire before first start

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

Don’t be surprised that Alabama football stars are making money

The new NIL laws have only been in effect for three weeks, but that hasn’t stopped some Tide players from making serious money already. Montana Fouts joined Cameo alongside some Alabama football players, and some athletes signed with Barstool. However, no one is approaching the revenue that Bryce Young is bringing in so far.

Bryce Young has thrown 22 passes and has yet to start for the Crimson Tide, but he is already raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars before his first start. Nick Saban commented on his revenue at a Texas coaching event. He said that Bryce Young is making an “ungodly” amount of money and is close to breaking $1 million in revenue.

While Young has yet to start a game for Alabama football, there’s no doubting his value on the field and in the business world. Every Alabama fan knows his name, and many wanted him to start last year over Heisman finalist Mac Jones. He has the ear of an entire state, and this is before he notches a win in a Tide jersey.

If Young lives up to the hype, his value will skyrocket. He is already a Heisman contender, and he proved that he can spin the ball at the A-Day Game. That caused hype, but a solid start to the season would turn this hype into even more money.

In a way, companies are making a bet by paying Bryce Young now. If he becomes a Heisman finalist, his endorsements will increase in value. They can use their current ads and get the same outreach at a discount.

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It will take years for NIL laws to evolve, but this is the first step. If Alabama football players are becoming millionaires before they start a single game, watch out for what future recruits will be able to do.