Alabama Football: Tide’s report card vs. Mercer Bears

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Alabama football’s report card vs. Mercer

Quarterbacks: B-

Last week, we graded Bryce Young by himself in his starting debut. In this game, three quarterbacks got a considerable amount of reps, so we need to judge them as a whole.

When Young was in the game, the offense played well. There were some drops that would have helped Young’s stats, but most things worked. The errors happened when he held onto the football for too long. He wanted to make the big plays, and they weren’t always there. Still, he made some smart decisions with the football in his hands and avoided any massive mistakes.

When Tyson went into the game, the offense sputtered. There was one solid play, but the rest of Tyson’s throws were weak. He had one terrible throw in the dirt, and Milroe went in shortly after. Milroe made plays with his legs, but he didn’t wow Alabama football fans with his arm.

Kicking: B

Will Reichard missed a single kick. If this were any other kicker, Alabama football fans would be satisfied with this performance. However, people expect more from Reichard. He is one of the best kickers in the country, and this was his first miss since his freshman season.

In the grand scheme of things, this miss was probably a good thing. It takes the mental thought of a perfect season out of the game.

Punting: B+

Alabama punted the ball three times today. Only one was inside the 20, but they were all around 43 yards. This consistency is a good thing. Alabama hopes to have better results as the season progresses, but this is a good step in the right direction.

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All things considered, this was a good game for Alabama football. They didn’t ace everything, but they remain mostly intact and hope to improve as next week rolls around.