Alabama Football: 5 takeaways from Florida game

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5 takeaways from Alabama football vs. Florida

3. The offense is flawed

In the past, Alabama football’s offense has consistently been one of the best in the country. We’ve seen Heisman finalists at multiple positions. Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones were the only two first-round quarterbacks Saban has coached at Alabama. Najee Harris juked defenders out of their shoes, and the receiving corps was the best in the country by a wide margin.

Now, all of those talented players are gone. The offensive line has to replace multiple key starters as well. We knew that there would be regression on offense, but this shows just how much ground the offense needs to cover.

The offensive line missed assignments consistently. Bryce Young was forced to leave the pocket to make plays. The receivers had some bad drops that stalled drives. All of this is new for Alabama football.

The talent is there. The Tide brought in the best recruiting class of offensive linemen ever this year. Bryce Young remains a Heisman contender. The run game is solid, and Alabama has two quality receivers. Still, the level of execution has subsided.

The Tide got past Florida, but that won’t always happen if the offense doesn’t improve. The good news is that there is a piece of the offense that has yet to be utilized, and that leads us to our next takeaway from this game.