Alabama Football: 3 takeaways from win vs. Southern Miss

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Takeaways from Alabama football vs. Southern Miss

1. Bryce Young is a star with room to grow

Over the last three years, Alabama football has been lucky with the quarterback situation. They got finished products as starters. Tua was ready to shine as a sophomore, and he did so for two seasons. Once Mac took over as a senior, he had already went through the growing pains.

Bryce Young is not in the same situation. He barely had a chance to play as a freshman, so he still needs to grow as a quarterback. He hasn’t faced many SEC defenses, and he is clearly learning as the season goes on.

However, he is already a star. He had five passing touchdowns with two incompletions this Saturday. He flexed his ability to go through progressions and make the right decision with the football.

Bryce Young is a Heisman candidate without being a finished product. That should scare opposing defenses. He’s only going to get better this year, but he’s already one of the best players in the country.

Where does Young need to improve? He’s taken a few intentional grounding calls, so he could avoid those. He has also avoided running the ball, so this is another gear he can find. He tends to take more time in the pocket than you would like, but that also leads to big shots down the field.

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This was the greatest game of Bryce Young’s career, but it won’t be his greatest game ever.