Bold Predictions for Alabama Football vs. Cincinnati

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After a Bold Predictions respite, here are what are expected to be our, next to last, Alabama Football predictions for the 2021 season.

The predictions record for the SEC Championship game was three correct and three wrong. That takes the season record to 44 correct Bold Predictions and 37 wrong.

A summary of Alabama Football vs. Georgia Bold Predictions

  • Correct – Bold Prediction No. 1 was the Alabama Crimson Tide would get closer to its average of 13.38 yards per reception than the Bulldogs’ defense would to its average of allowing 8.88 yards per completion. That somewhat fuzzy prediction was correct with the Crimson Tide average of 16.2 ypc against the Dawgs.
  • Wrong – A combined total of nine sacks and hurries were predicted for the Alabama defense. The final number for the Tide defense was eight.
  • Correct – Georgia was predicted to have more total rushing yards than the Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs had 129 yards, compared to 123 yards for the Crimson Tide.
  • Wrong – Georgia was predicted to have more carries than the Tide, but would be held to 3.25 yards-per-carry or less. Georgia did have more rushing attempts than the Tide, but thanks to a gaudy 8-yards-per-carry average by Kenny McIntosh, the Bulldogs rushed for an average of 3.6 yards.
  • Correct – Alabama was predicted to rush for an average of at least 3.48 yards per rush. It did, averaging 4.4 yards.
  • WRONG – The ‘all-caps’ is intended to show a ‘massively wrong’ prediction. It was predicted the game would be decided by one or more field goals. An expectation of a close game could not have been more wrong.