Alabama Football: Injury news from T-Town and more on the Aggies


It is Texas A&M week for the Alabama Football program and for some Crimson Tide fans that means a ‘Hate Week.’ To the extent there is rancor, Jimbo Fisher is a primary reason why. Being known as a ‘fast-talker’ is typically associated with being a con man.

Apparently, quite a few fans of the Aggies now believe they have been conned by Fisher. Having long suspected Jimbo’s rapid-fire speech pattern does not indicate a particularly sharp mind, I am not surprised.

Yesterday I discussed how, according to Paul Finebaum, Aggie boosters are ready to ante up for Jimbo’s massive buyout. I might have made a mistake in the post, stating, according to one source, the current buyout is $85.6M. I have seen tweets since yesterday, claiming it is $95M.

There is considerable history between the Tide and the Aggies. Alabama brought Paul Bryant home from College Station, who brought John David Crow and Smokey Harper with him. The Crimson Tide claimed more Texas A&M bounty by hiring Gene Stallings as an assistant coach, and later as head coach. The tweet below lists what the Tide has provided the Aggies.

Texas A&M is a good school with a proud tradition. Without Jimbo Fisher, I would wish them no ill and certainly not any hate. At the same time, I would like the Crimson Tide to beat them 60-0.

I don’t expect the wish t come true, but Alabama has a far better team than the Aggies. How bad is A&M you ask? A solid source for the A&M program is Billy Liucci of Check out his tweet about the A&M loss to Mississippi State.

While many Aggies have lost confidence in Fisher, he might have another SEC program interested in his services. One source says some believe Auburn could benefit from hiring Fisher. Why Auburn would want him is beyond me, but in a way, a failed coach going to a failing program has some symmetry.

Latest on Alabama Football

According to Nick Saban on the Wednesday SEC teleconference, Bryce Young has been doing “some” things in practice this week. What those “some” things are is not known. Don’t bother looking at the team-provided practice videos for an answer. The videos show Alabama football players catching footballs, but not seen is anyone throwing a football.

Saban described Young as day-to-day with no decision having been made about his availability for Saturday night.

In disappointing news, it was confirmed that Crimson Tide backup linebacker and special teams standout, Demouy Kennedy is out for the season. Kennedy sustained a knee injury against Arkansas.

A few Alabama football insiders believe the long wait for game action from transfer wide receiver, Tyler Harrell will end with him playing against the Aggies.

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A look at score predictions on a Texas A&M message board proved interesting. In about two dozen predictions the closest margin was a three-plus touchdown A&M loss to the Crimson Tide. Most of the predictions were in the range of a 30 to a 45-point loss for the Aggies.