Alabama Football: NCAA could fix bowl game transfer issue with one fix

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Stadium
NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Stadium / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

It's no secret that college football is dealing with an issue as players opt out of bowl games to head to the NFL Draft or transfer portal. The Alabama Football team has seen this be an issue this season as Ja'Corey Brooks, Tyler Buchner, and others have entered the transfer portal ahead of the Rose Bowl. This has become a bigger issue with non-championship bowl games as top bowls like the Orange Bowl between Georgia and Florida State have been diminished due to opt-outs.

The NIL Era has added motivation for players to opt out as they're not getting anything to play in a game that doesn't mean much to them. The NCAA should look at MLB's playoff shares as a potential way to motivate players to partake in bowl season. In the MLB players are compensated based on their team's success and get a bigger share of the money for the further they progress in the playoff. Games like the Playoff and top-tier bowl games like the New Year's six games would receive a bigger share of the money while smaller bowl games wouldn't receive as much.

Paying the players would encourage the streaming partners and the bowl game sponsors to pay the schools and the players more money for a better product. The players would only receive their share of the money if they opted into the bowl game and were on the active roster.

Alabama Football: Transfers shouldn't hurt Tide too bad

The departing transfers leaving the team as bad as it potentially could have if there were bigger names or more transfers leaving. The loss of a player like Ja'Corey Brooks could provide an issue for the Alabama Football team if they didn't have such a deep wide receiver room. Brooks played more than usual when Jermaine Burton missed the Kentucky game with an illness. For example, if Tyler Buchner remained the backup to Jalen Milroe and decided to leave the team immediately an injury to Milroe could derail the season immediately. The best example would be if Elijah Pritchett had decided to stay in the Transfer Portal an injury to either offensive tackle would've led to depth issues. The transfer window should be pushed until after Bowl Season is completed to eliminate the effect it can have on the National Championship and bowl season as a whole.