Just two months after transferring from Alabama Kadyn Proctor plans to transfer back

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
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In a wild turn of events, just two months after transferring from Alabama to Iowa Kadyn Proctor has transferred back to Alabama. The rising Sophomore was ranked as the second-ranked transfer in the portal this fall behind Caleb Downs and the top-ranked transfer tackle. The tackle was named to the First Team All-SEC and was a freshman All-American for the Tide.

The Athletic reports that Kadyn Proctor went on Spring Break with his Alabama teammates which likely played a part in the decision to flip.

The story is truly mind-blowing and something we may see more of as the transfer portal still has wrinkles that need to be ironed out. While Proctor is an exciting addition to the Alabama Football team it speaks to ongoing issues with NIL and transfer rules. Iowa paid money in NIL to land Proctor which he won't have to return due to the lack of collective bargaining rules. This sets a precedent for players to double dip in NIL transferring once in the Winter and again in the Spring.

The freshman year for Proctor was up and down as is expected with a true freshman left tackle in the SEC. The addition of Proctor gives the team a tackle with true experience after starting every game for Alabama in 2023. The transfer will likely push Elijah Pritchett to right tackle with Proctor resuming his role on the left side.

Time for people to admit that Saban wasn't just "whining"

Every time Nick Saban speaks on what he thinks is wrong with the sport fans of opposing schools claim that he's whining because it's only hurt his schools. The transfer portal wasn't created as a tool for players to jump from program to program. This also shows why Nick Saban said that players should earn their NIL deals rather than being given deals upon enrolment. The powers of college football will need to come together to find a reasonable solution as this is truly getting out of hand.