The SEC Tinder Game

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Mark Stoops – The little brother of the SEC

Turn-Ons: being my own man

Turn-Offs: Bob

Body Type: I can do more pushups than Bob

Eyes: just like Bob, but prettier

About Mark:

I can do anything Bob can do, I’ll tell you that. Yeah, so he has more wins than I do; he’s also been at this a lot longer than I have, I’m six years younger you know. I’m just a hot young coach on his way to show the world and mom that I can do it on my own and I don’t need any help.

What Are You Looking For In A Partner?

Someone who knows that I didn’t get this job because of Bob. I hate when people say that.

What Do People Notice First About You?

That I’m the handsome brother, everyone thinks so, just ask Nanna Stoops.

Favorite Band: Bob is really into country, I hate country.

Favorite Movie: The Godfather II, because the little brother finally does Fredo in.

Religion: Does having a Bob Voodoo doll mean I’m a dark priest?

Sexual Preference: Thou shall not covet thy brother’s wife… but I do.

A Random Fact About You:

If You Could Be Any Animal What Would It Be? Did you know that sometimes an eagle chick will peck its sibling to death so it gets all the food and attention… yeah, I’d be an eagle.

If You Didn’t Do What You Do Now, What Would You Do? I’d run away, that would show them.

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: Just my family… except Bob