Around the SEC: Week Two

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SEC West Losers:

No you weren’t dreaming, Arkansas did actually lose to Toledo. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Hahahahahaha really? TOLEDO?

Holy Toledo that’s pathetic! Don’t worry, I’ll be here all week. Like seriously, how the hell did this happen? I knew the Arkansas Hype Train was way too over-hype but I didn’t know it was this bad.

What was Bielema’s excuse this time? Maybe stop worrying so much about Urban Meyer’s schedule and concentrate on your own how about that?

Arkansas actually out-gained Toledo 515-318 and only had one turnover. For real, how did they lose this game? How do you let Toledo hold you to 12 points?

Was Arkansas looking ahead to Texas Tech? I guess we’ll find out come Saturday.

I’m still questioning Dan Mullen’s decision to kick on Saturday night.

Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State:

So losing to LSU probably isn’t the worst loss but the way they lost was pretty bad. I don’t understand why you send a kid out to kick a 52 yard game winner who’s career long is around 40.

The Cowbells got down 21-6 but fought back admirably so you’ve got to give them credit there. They said the cowbells actually rang the whole game which is something very new for them! Prouda you Starkville!

Dak’s accuracy continues to be an issue though as he threw 18 more incompletions this week. He didn’t turn the ball over though, which is a plus.

State will have a virtual bye week against Northwestern State on Saturday before traveling to the Plains next weekend.

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