Around the SEC: Week Two

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SEC West Winners

Keep celebrating Auburn. I have a feeling you won’t be on this slide next week.

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Ohh little brother; do we even get to call you a winner this weekend? I really don’t know how to summarize what I saw when you played Jacksonville State so I’ll keep it to one word…pathetic.

Seriously you took Jacksonville State into overtime. I say “you took” because they probably should have won in regulation had their punter not gotten a little nervous.

27-20 Final/OT is how it reads in the papers. But in the end, typical Barner Magic prevailed and Auburn scored with less than a minute left to take it into overtime. Then they won once they got there.

Auburn fell 12 spots in the AP Poll this week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drop that big from a team that actually won a game.

This was the first time an FCS team has EVER taken a top 25 team into overtime. EVER, AUBURN!


HEI6MAN Watch: Johnson was pretty awful again throwing two awful picks. Don’t worry though he’ll be back in the Heisman race in no time at all!

Auburn Spin has this one as looking ahead to LSU and Jacksonville State being a lot better than people think. We’ll find out a lot more come Saturday at 2:30 in Death Valley.

Oh, and the team Auburn beat by a touchdown last week? They lost at home to Houston. Carry on.


The Corndogs notched an impressive road win at Starkville on Saturday night. It took a missed field goal as time expired to seal it, but any road win in the SEC is a good thing.

The final was LSU 21 Mississippi State 19. LSU actually had a 21-6 lead going into the fourth but let State get back in the game. Les really tried to Les this one, but his team saved him from it.

Don’t fool yourself though; the LSU QB concerns are real. Brandon Harris only had to throw the ball 14 times, but he only threw for 71 yards.

Fournette was enough for the Tigers in this one though as he rushed for 159 yards and three scores.

We’ll see if they can keep riding Fournette to victories this weekend when Auburn rolls into town.

Ole Miss:

We’ll see how good Chad Kelly really is on Saturday night.

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“Man oh man. It’s definitely time to crown the Rebel Black Bears now! Two 70 spots in a row? Bring on the Patriots!” – Every Ole Miss Fan right now (probably).

In all seriousness Ole Miss has looked pretty good through two games; including a 73-21 demolishing of Fresno State this week. The Grove People have scored 149 points through their first two games.

On that note, let’s please remember that their first two games were against UT Martin and Fresno State.

We’ll see how for real Ole Miss really is this weekend as they visit Tuscaloosa for the much awaited rematch from last season.

Speaking of Ole Miss, get yourself affiliated with all of the key hate points leading into this weekend’s match-up! Ole Miss Hate Week Guide

Texas A&M:

If it weren’t for Ole Miss already being crowned SEC Champions, Texas A&M might try to claim it themselves.

A&M kept their season rolling along with a win 56-23 win over Ball State. Now that David Letterman has retired I don’t think there’s a less relevant university than Ball State.

The Aggies amassed over 500 yards of offense but they got outscored 20-7 in the second half. I know that they probably had plenty of subs in but you’d still like to see some better production than that.

A&M faces Nevada before they take on an Arkansas team that may not be as good as we thought they were.

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