Alabama Football: Players’ Quotes, Fall Camp, Day 1

Apr 18, 2015; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive line during the A-day game at Bryant Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 18, 2015; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive line during the A-day game at Bryant Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports /

Everything in Tuscaloosa now has a sense of normalcy as Alabama football got fall practice underway on Thursday.

ICYMI: Alabama Football, Saban’s Presser Rants are Back

For all of the Alabama football fans that have been suffering from the offseason, the wait is finally over.

Coach Nick Saban was back to midseason form in his press conference held after practice yesterday. You can check that out which included updates on suspensions as well as a rant. It’s Christmas in August.

Dalvin Tomlinson and Ross Pierschbacher were the two made available to the media by the school. Here’s what they had to say.

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Defensive Lineman Dalvin Tomlinson

On what it was like getting back out there for fall camp…

It was camp. I felt we all went out there and could see where everybody was today, technique and conditioning wise. It gives us a building block to build on each and every day so I feel like it was a good first day.

Players have said they feel the summer goes is a good barometer for the fall season. The question was about how he thought he did on the first day.

Today, I felt really good outside. It was hot, but the heat didn’t really bother me. I felt like it was a  good day on the field, conditioning. I thought the defensive front did pretty good. I thought the overall defense did pretty good, too. There’s always building blocks that each one of us has at each position.

On the evolution of the defensive line…

Alabama is built on stopping the run so you know we are going to come in every day and focus on stopping the run first. After we stop the run, the passing game is going to open up. We’ve been focusing a lot more on pass rushing on top of the run techniques we already have here at Alabama. I feel everyone wants to be slim and in shape but have a lot of power behind them to play the run.

On new assistant Karl Dunbar…

He is a great coach. He comes out there with an aggressive attitude just so you get better every day, every play. You can’t waste a day because it could be your last day. He pushes us as well as any other coach out there. He is a go-getter.

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On Alabama being the top-ranked team in the Amway Preseason Coaches Poll…

As a player, you want people to look at you like that. I didn’t know it came out today, to be honest. Here at Alabama, we’re pretty much focused on just getting better. It’s a preseason poll. If we don’t prepare ourselves to get better week by week, we won’t get anything.

On if he thinks players are already looking to next year like Saban mentioned in his presser…

I feel like it’s all eyes on this year at this point. During the summer, we may have had some things like that maybe, but I didn’t really see it from my point view. When we were out there, I think everybody was just giving it their all to get better. Everybody is focused on this season and what we want to do.

On if you take anything from last season as motivation for this season…

Take the momentum from last year but you have to remember it’s not the same people on the team. You have younger guys that just came in. It’s pretty much like you said. We are starting on a clean slate. We don’t really want to think about last year too much because that is in the past and it’s already written in stone. We want to write something else in stone this year.

On mentally preparing for fall camp…

Mentallly is probably the toughest to prepare yourself for because physically, you’ve been doing that since you were here. You know how to push yourself physically. With the game so far away, you have to come out with the mindset to get better and better.

Offensive Lineman Ross Pierschbacher 

On what it was like getting back out there for fall camp…

Typical first day I would say. Just trying to get back into football shape. See where everyone is at and see where you are at and just take that and learn from it. We’re going to watch some film tonight, see the mistakes and build on that.

On if there’s pressure replacing center Ryan Kelly at center…

No, there is no replacing Ryan Kelly. I’m going to step in, do my best and whatever the coaches ask me to do to get the job done. Try to come in each day to get better and just trust what the coaches are telling us.

On the depth chart changes on the offensive line…

That’s the coach’s call as far as the rosters. Everyone that’s been in there has done a great job. Everyone took the summer to really learn and get the calls down. I haven’ seen a drop off from any of them, so that’s cool.

On how long it takes to get the offensive line with tons of chemistry…

You get that cohesiveness during fall camp. You’re just grinding every day. You feel for each other and feel for how the person next to you plays the game.

On if it’s a challenge to have four vying for your starting spot.

That’s the coaches call and we trust the coaching staff. We have full faith in every guy that is back there. All of them are talented and working really hard.

On going to Dallas, Texas to open the season…

I love Dallas. Beautiful stadium and just having our fans there and all of the families because they love it. We’ve got a great opponent in USC and we are looking forward to getting better and playing good against them.

On if practicing in the heat will prepare them to play a top 25 team…

You’re playing against yourself in the heat. When that heat jumps on your back, you just have to push through and it makes you tougher.

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