Arkansas Football Fan Promises Pizza When Hogs Beat Bama


An Arkansas football fan promised to buy 1,000 pizzas for Razorbacks fans “when the Hogs beat Bama” this weekend. Will he really have to shell out the goods?

Rolf Wilkin, owner of Fayetteville, Arkansas-based pizzeria Eureka Pizza, wants Razorbacks fans to cheer even louder this weekend. Wilkin has promised students, faculty and fans 1,000 pizzas “when” the Arkansas football team beats number one ranked Alabama Saturday night.

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According to ArkansasOnline, “the giveaway will commence at 10 a.m. at Eureka Pizza’s location at 826 N. Leverett Ave.”. Pizzas are limited to one per person.

This is an interesting promise for a restaurant owner to make. Giving away 1,000 pizzas could potentially cost the business a lot of money. If the actual cost to make a pizza (ingredients, packaging, labor, etc) is around $5, that means Eureka Pizza would hand out over $5,000 in free products.

But is there any chance this happens, or is it all just a ploy to get the restaurant some publicity?

The last time the Arkansas football team beat the Alabama Crimson Tide was in 2006. Y’all remember 2006, right? The Alabama football team – coached by Mike Shula (insert collective groan and eye-roll) – pretty much sucked. That was the year of “Fear The Thumb” as Bama went 6-6 overall in the regular season and lost to Auburn for the fifth straight time.

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Since that time, however, the Crimson Tide have made a bit of a turn-around. Nick Saban joined the Alabama program in 2007, and Bama won five national championships in the last nine years.

Oh – and the Tide hasn’t lost to Arkansas since Saban came to town. That’s kind of important.

There’s no reason to believe that this year will be any different. Alabama is starting a true freshman quarterback, but Jalen Hurts has been pretty great so far. The defense is, as usual, relentless and monstrous, and special teams is solid. Bama’s biggest weakness lies in the offensive line and some bonehead play-calling.

The Arkansas football team is a formidable opponent. They have a true weapon in quarterback Austin Allen, who is currently first in the SEC in pass efficiency. The Razorbacks defense is nothing to take lightly either.

However, when everything is said and done, Alabama will do what “Alabama does”.

They will unleash “the assassins” and the ax.

Saban and Jeremy Pruitt will ensure that the defense is dominating.

We’ll probably all be yelling at Kiffin to “run the damn ball”, but with a little luck and a few less jet-sweeps, the offense will click.

Things might start a little shaky, but Bama is still a “second half-fourth quarter team.” Scott Cochran will have our boys in a position to completely wear down the Arkansas football team.

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If you’re a Razorbacks fan planning on some free pizza, you might want to start saving your money. Bama’s going to leave Fayetteville with a W, so sadly, you’ll have to buy your own pizza.