Alabama Football Recruiting Update: Friday Night


Alabama Football Recruiting Update: Aubrey Soloman; LaBryan Ray; Jarez Parks; Devonta Smith; Jedrick Wills; Phidarian Mathis; No Speed at DB.

Alabama Football 2017 recruiting is down to a few spots and a few days. Here is the latest on top players.

Aubrey Soloman – DT

Soloman will announce at 10:00 am on NSD. He will pick either Alabama, Michigan, Georgia or possibly USC.

LaBryan Ray – DE

Ray is visiting Florida this weekend. Tennessee is also pushing Ray hard to sign with the Vols. Alabama is the leader for this key 5-star player. Expect a NSD announcement.

Jarez Parks – DE

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Parks is visiting Tennessee this weekend. Auburn, Florida and Florida State are also chasing him. It appears all four teams and Alabama have a chance to sign him. His anticipated cut down to two teams has not been made public.

Parks has hinted his decision may go beyond NSD. If that happens, it could mean he prefers a certain team but is waiting to see who that team adds late. I see no advantage to Parks waiting on any team except Alabama and Florida State.

Devonta Smith – WR

Alabama wants both Smith and Henry Ruggs. LSU very much wants Smith. If Smith does not make to Miami this weekend, it will be either Alabama or LSU on NSD.

Jedrick Wills – OT

Wills is visiting Kentucky this weekend. He is from Kentucky and maybe he just wants to see a big basketball game late Saturday afternoon. Reports are Alabama is very secure the 5-star rolls with the Tide on NSD.

Phidarian Mathis – DT

Mathis is visiting TCU this weekend. Most experts believe it will come down to Alabama or LSU. Mathis has said he might announce before NSD.

Todd Harris or bust: DB

Harris will not announce until NSD. It is expected he will choose Alabama or LSU.

The “No Speed” in the heading above refers to the last minute decision by Ameer Speed to visit Oregon rather than Alabama this weekend.

Mark Speed off the 2017 DB list and do the same with Castro-Fields and C.J. Henderson. None of them are currently expected to choose Alabama.

Next: Julio!

I have a theory about what might happen if Alabama does not close with Soloman or Mathis. It is pure conjecture and I have not seen it suggested by anyone. We’ll just let it simmer for a day or two or three before deciding if it is worthy of disclosure.

Hang on Bama fans. Whatever happens on NSD, the Tide will have a great 2017 class.