Alabama Football: Respect for Jalen Hurts well deserved

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Much has been said about Jalen Hurts since the National Championship last year. Regardless of the decision, Jalen Hurts could have made, the respect the fans should give him is without question.

This past week Alabama football fans were privileged to see Jalen Hurts play in his fifth game this season, solidifying his commitment to Alabama football for this year. Fans were also able to see Kelly Bryant leave Clemson before burning a year of playing time. In both scenarios, it drives the question if one was right or wrong.

In this day and age, college football is a catalyst to the National Football League. Many players make decisions to further their dreams to play in the NFL by picking the collegiate university that gives them the best chance to make their dreams a reality. There are players in the collegiate landscape that play at the school of their childhood dreams. However, far more high school players are playing outside their hometown states.

What needs to be remembered in the cases of Jalen Hurts and Kelly Bryant is both are trying to make the best decision for their future business career in football. Each player is making decisions that provide the best opportunity for them to make a living in professional football.

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This brings us back to is this right or wrong. If you left the job you are currently working for a better paying one down the street would people be mad? Maybe. However, would you understand the logic of leaving for a better opportunity? Absolutely. So do I think either is right or wrong? No. I think they are making decisions to have a better opportunity in what they love to do and I certainly can’t say they are right or wrong for that.

Both Jalen Hurts and Kelly Bryant have made those decisions and I believe that those are their decisions alone to make. Even if Jalen Hurts had decided to leave the Alabama football program at the end of last year, it would have been his right as a player. I would have still respected him for this reason. Jalen Hurts has given his all to Alabama football.

I could name countless players and coaches who have departed Alabama football for a multitude of reasons. Some have left for transfer, some have left early for the NFL draft, some have left for other coaching opportunities, etc. However, their leaving of the program does not invalidate the body of work accomplished at Alabama.

For example, Kirby Smart helped contribute to the four National Championship titles as the defensive coordinator for Alabama football. I understand that Kirby Smart is our opponent for 60 minutes when we play against the Georgia Bulldogs and for those moments when we are recruiting the same player. However, If Alabama fans run into Kirby Smart on a street, I hope all would shake his hand and thank him for contributing to past Crimson Tide success. Followed by a reminder of who is going to win the next time the Tide takes on the Bulldogs.

It is about respecting the game, the player or coach, and what they accomplished. For Jalen Hurts, no matter what he decides next year. I applaud and thank him for not only his decision to stay at Alabama; but more importantly his dedication and commitment to Alabama as a whole. He has led this program to two national championship games as a starter. His mentorship to Tua Tagovailoa is clear on and off the field. He has given his all to the University of Alabama for over two years to this point and any Alabama fan must recognize and respect Jalen Hurts because of this.

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