Alabama Football: 3 reasons Najee Harris should win the Heisman Trophy

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Reasons Alabama football’s Najee Harris should win the Heisman

2. Najee rarely makes a mistake

Over the course of Najee Harris’s career, he only has one fumble. That fumble was controversial, to say the least, so you can practically wipe it off of the board as well.

Harris isn’t known for breaking off major runs. He rarely goes for 30 or more yards. Even without those outliers, he averages 6.4 yards a touch. This doesn’t sound possible, but he also eliminates the losses.

Najee Harris rarely gets tackled for a loss. Even if the defense can get their hands on them, he breaks free and falls forward. Najee has the highlight reel, but it’s hard to find too many mistakes on film. He simply plays clean football at an exceptional level. This skill cannot be understated. Most running backs rely on massive plays to boost their stats, but Najee Harris relies on gaining yards each and every play. That means that you can almost always give him the football three times and he will get a touchdown.

In order to avoid mistakes, Najee uses a variety of skill moves. From his jukes to his hurdles, he can do it all with his legs. He is agile enough to spin away from tacklers, and he is strong enough to break tackles in the trenches. While all of Alabama football’s Heisman candidates make few mistakes, Harris’s style of play is nearly perfect. That is certainly a Heisman quality.