Alabama Football: Ideal NFL Draft scenarios for Tide players

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Ideal NFL Draft landing spots for Alabama football players

DeVonta Smith: Carolina Panthers, 8th overall

In terms of fit, DeVonta Smith is hard to place. For solely him, the Dolphins might be the best scenario at 6th overall. He would make a lot more money and be a key piece to an improving team. However, this exercise takes all Alabama football players into account.

For Smith, you just want to avoid him landing in a dumpster fire. He will get the stats and succeed in any scheme. He doesn’t need a specific quarterback. The only way he fails is if a team fails him. Because of that, Carolina is a perfect fit. They don’t desperately need a receiver, but they are good enough for him to thrive.

Smitty would make more money if he were drafted by the Detroit Lions, but nothing about that franchise has upside. They have a new coach with little experience, a new quarterback with a limited arm and a history of driving star players into early retirement. Alabama football players should hope to avoid Detroit like the plague.

Will the Panthers draft a receiver in the first round? Probably not. However, they could see the value of adding the Heisman winner to the roster. Smitty is a stud, and he would play well in Carolina with Sam Darnold at quarterback.