Alabama Football: Former Tide LB Reuben Foster arrested for marijuana

TUSCALOOSA, AL - APRIL 19: Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart yells at Reuben Foster
TUSCALOOSA, AL - APRIL 19: Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart yells at Reuben Foster /

Alabama football isn’t all roses after the national championship, as former linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for marijuana.

Can’t fate allow Crimson Tide fans to enjoy the moment without something else happening to dampen the clouds over Tuscaloosa? Especially from a previous offender.

According to Stephanie Taylor of The Tuscaloosa News, Reuben Foster was arrested for second-degree marijuana possession on Friday. reported that the current San Francisco 49ers star linebacker was let out on bond of $2 500, “according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office website.”

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This is not the first time that the former stud on Alabama’s defense was in trouble for drugs. During the NFL combine before he was drafted, NFL insider Ian Rapoport stated that Foster’s urine test came back diluted but was counted as a positive drug test result. Foster’s skills would have garnered him a top spot in the draft, had it not been for this incident.

Instead, Foster was drafted 31st overall by the 49ers.

Even through injury, Foster made a name for himself in his first NFL season. He made 72 combined tackles, 59 of them solo, and all of them seemed ferocious. He only played in 10 games due to injury, but the rookie tattooed opposing offensive players in the open field, making 49ers fans remember the Ronnie Lott days.

Sadly for Alabama fans and 49ers supporters alike, this is what they get to wake up to today regarding Foster:

Foster isn’t just any former player for the Crimson Tide, he’s a born and bred Alabama man. He was born in Roanoke, Alabama and played football in his home state his whole life before turning pro.

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In three college seasons, Foster gave the smackdown on all who opposed him and the Tide. He made 211 tackles, 120 of them solo. He made 23 tackles for a loss, which shows his explosiveness for a linebacker to get into the opposing backfield. It equated to seven sacks, as well.

Foster’s efforts earned him the Butkus Award in 2016 for being the top linebacker in the country, as well as a national championship title in 2015. He would have had a second title, had it not been for a late miracle drive by Clemson last year.

Yet, instead of Alabama fans having the weekend to take it easy and revel in a late miracle drive of their own last Monday, winning the national championship in overtime, they have to hear about another incident involving Foster and drugs.

Foster is his own man. It’s not the job for anyone other than the law to pass judgement over another human being; however, this news is something that Crimson Tide fans could have done without. Foster is not a part of the current team and his crime does not take anything away from Alabama’s victory on Monday night. Still, Alabama football pride may just not be as loud as it could have been this weekend after hearing about Foster’s actions.

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Alabama football is a family, from the players to the coaches to the fans and their children. It’s hard to promote these players as heroes if they keep being the villains in their own lives.