Auburn Football Feels ‘Something Brewing’ After 2-Hand Touch Practices

The Auburn football team feels “something brewing, something good” just a few days into spring practice.

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Some of you may have read my “Five Contenders For The Off-Season Championship”. If not, you can read that by clicking the link above.

In that post, I gave the Auburn Tigers an honorable mention instead of naming them an outright contender. Man, was I ever wrong. Not even half way through spring practice and players plus head coach Gus Malzahn have already started to build the hype for the season. They never learn.

This is the most important thing that has stood out to me. They haven’t tackled yet. Y’all! They haven’t tackled!

Some of their fans and media had Auburn winning the national title last season and also had quarterback Jeremy Johnson winning the Heisman. It turns out that I am not the only one that is wrong.

You would think after last season that folks would turn the meter down just a bit until at least spring practice was over. I can understand a fan from one of the schools that have been having a string of great seasons be a little more hopeful. If Alabama had the season that Auburn had last year, I think I would take a wait and see approach. In fact, most of my friends that are Auburn fans have reacted in that same way. This is more ammunition if you need any with that Auburn fan that just always enters your mentions.

“We’ve really challenged our guys to, over spring break, keep their cardio, to work on their own,” Malzahn said according to Auburn Undercover. “We’ll come back and have 10 practices. They will be very important practices. We’ll really start tackling. So far, most of what we’ve done is just thud. When we come back, our guys should have a foundation offensively and defensively to start scrimmaging and tackling.


“When I was in high school you could feel it, and it was a good feeling,” H-Back Chandler Cox said. “That’s how I feel this year. It’s totally different than it was last year. I don’t know what it is. I don’t think anyone knows yet. But there’s something brewing, something good.”

This could be another one of those off-seasons that may actually be fun. It will be especially fun if you see some tweets and just happen to save those for future use after the season if they are needed. I would never suggest trolling our rival. Wait, yes. Yes, I would.